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We are Pawsome Designs

The company that solves your marketing headaches and helps bring you the success and lifestyle you crave.

Hello, I’m Donna the founder and owner of Pawsome Designs and with me in the picture below is my furbaby and constant companion Alfie. I’ve been an avid dog owner for the past 30 years and I love ♥ dogs. Over this time, I’ve owned and run many businesses including an online e-commerce dog toy business, a dog bakery/cafè and a couple of website design and marketing businesses. With every business, I’ve always had the pleasure of having my loyal canine by my side. My current rescue terrier, the wonderful Alfie, is proving to be no exception. He is such a clever, extremely cute and fun dog who is very generous with his affection and absolutely adores everyone…Except the postman and any Amazon delivery driver!

The aha moment behind Pawsome Designs, my ultra niche dog marketing and design business that focuses on helping dog businesses identify their target market and in doing so become stronger and more profitable, comes from a combination of: My love for dogs and the wonderful time spent in the dog business world and also me wanting to share my years of accumulated knowledge with dog business owners in my local town of Derby and throughout the UK. I hope that my experiences will be welcomed by dog businesses owners, who will allow me to create positive differences to the way they market and run their business.


I really enjoy supporting both start-ups and the more established business. Seeing the happy faces of clients when presenting them with what is often their first glimpse of their business dreams coming to life, is a feeling I will never tire of.

Do you want to know

what makes us pawsome

I believe it is our overall passion and enthusiasm for marketing and design. These are two stimulating work sectors that have certainly become a huge part of my life, and of course our desire to help all the wonderful dogs out there by supporting the specialist pet businesses they need to provide them with the care, affection, and the services required to live happy and fulfilled lives. I am fortunate to be skilled in web design, marketing stratergies, sales and consultancy work, as well as to be blessed with a good dollop of business savvy, which I have gained from having been there, experienced it, overcome it and achieved success!


The Pawsome Design team have the same passions and work ethic as me. That’s why I hired them!! So please when your dog business requires some marketing help, come to Pawsome Designs. To be your dog business marketing specialist would be an absolute privilege. We promise to provide you with a fantastic service. Just like the dogs we own and love, we always like to give more than we take!

Pawsome by Name - Pawsome by Nature

My aim is to help guide as many dog business owners as I can to grow a more successful, sustainable and profitable business. Having owned and ran businesses in competitive markets myself, including within the pet world, I totally get how challenging it can be and how important it is to have a knowledgeable person you can turn to for help and support.

Donna, Pawsome Designs