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Passionate about your dog business but feel stuck when it comes to marketing?

Pawsome Designs Dog Business Marketing Services are here to help....

Marketing your dog business can seem a tad scary! This is true even for an established dog business, but even more so if you’re just starting out or launching a new venture. However, with the right strategy, tools, help, and preparation, you can confidently reach out to your target customers and promote your business effectively.

You will find that our sound, constructive, and knowledgeable advice, coupled with our brainstorming sessions, will get you started on the right path for achieving success, that is way ahead of your competition.

Firstly we like to begin with helping you to identify your target market and to decide on your unique selling proposition. From there we can assist you in determining the correct marketing services and methods to use to attract and turn that target audience into buying, loyal customers. These are customers that like and trust your dog business, and will want to refer you to all their friends!

We have Dog Business Marketing Licked!

Unleash your uniqueness with our

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You can purchase our Dog Business Marketing Services individually or create your own custom package.

Company Branding

Your brand tells your story, it is the essence of your business and represents your personality.

Website Design Services

We will design your dog business a website that attracts your target market and creates leads.

Printed Marketing

Creative printed marketing is essential to attract and build relationships with new clients.

Blog Post Writing

We write amazing blog posts that will help you become the expert in your dog business profession.

Build a Dog'tastic Business

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Dog Business Marketing Services

Professionals never wing it...

Doctors follow a Treatment Plan,

Airline Pilots follow a Flight Plan,

Soldiers follow a Military Plan,

Dog Businesses need to follow a Marketing Plan.


Dog Business Marketing Services - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions...

No, we do not fix clients to any long contracts. Our ongoing marketing packages are run on a monthly program. This enables businesses to upgrade, downgrade or cancel a service with just a one calendar month written notice.
Pawsome Designs develop and design all websites and marketing material in-house. You can trust that we will deliver your business a great marketing service that will enhance your profile and meet your business needs.
Yes we can. We understand that paying in instalments not only helps with your cash flow but also offers you piece of mind when purchasing a service product. To schedule work into our diary we ask for a 30% deposit on placement of order. We can then dependent on invoice total agree to accept 2 or 3 further payments throughout the duration of the work with any outstanding balance paid in full on completion and by completion we do mean your 'Total Satisfaction'.
Lead time can very much depend on the size and the complexity of the requested website along with our current workload. Generally we like to offer 2-6 weeks from start to finish. As a rule websites will only take longer than quoted if we are waiting for information and/or images from clients.
Once your website is published, you will be enrolled in the "Pawsome HostCare Membership" monthly subscription plan. This plan covers everything related to your website, including hosting, *updates, backups, maintenance, security, and yearly renewals such as domain name and SSL Certificate. You won't receive any surprise invoices! You're covered. Please note: *Updates are limited to making changes to existing webpages in terms of text and visuals, and do not include designing new pages or setting up premium web services.