What is a Landing Page and Why should you use them!

As opposed to your homepage and your other website pages which are designed for exploration, landing pages are created to entice your prospects to a specific campaign or offer and to convince them to click a single ‘call to action’. In short, landing pages are designed for conversion. This method of digital advertising works as a great strategy to get visitors directly to the information you want them to see and fast. You can set up links from an array of marketing sources i.e., social media, online blog, search engines, direct email and even QR codes in printed advertising. With attention spans getting shorter every day, landing pages are the way to capture your audience before they decide to literally jog on past.



A Landing Page is a Marketing Marvel

They feel more personalised...

Because of the nature of digital targeting, a well-designed Landing Page will give users a more personalised experience, a feeling that other pages of your website may not necessarily convey. You really want prospects to feel like the page was made just for them. Keep Landing Pages shorter than the other pages on your website. A main image with a text block, an actionable element with supporting evidence is normally sufficient to capture attention. The page must fit in the “shell” of your website, displaying the same header and footer as other pages, this way it looks consistent with your company branding and instantly identifiable..

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