Why your Dog Business needs a Marketing Plan

Before you say ‘I don’t think I need one, can you honestly say that your current dog business marketing generates consistent leads that convert month after month into purchasing customers?

Think of your Marketing Plan as your framework for success.

Target Market – It makes you think about your target market. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What do they struggle with? Does your business have these answers?

Marketing Messages – It helps you to create marketing messages that resonate and ultimately get results to help you grow your business. Does your business know what your compelling messages are?

Where to Advertise – Now armed with more information it will show you the ideal media method to use to best reach your prospects. Does your business know where they hang out?

How to Turn Prospects into Leads – You can now decide how to systematically capture, nurture and convert these prospects into a buying lead, how to have a conversation with them and gain their trust so they become a loyal customer. Does your business have the systems and strategy to do this?

Keeping Customers Happy & Loyal – It makes you think beyond the initial sale! How you intend to continually deliver a better service than your competitors, how to to upsell and how to stimulate and ask for referrals (the cheapest method of marketing). Does your business have a customer retainage strategy?

In a Nutsell – It tells you exactly where you are and what you need to do next. Who to attract? Where to advertise? What to offer? How to capture leads? How to engage with prospects? What systems to use? What metrics to manage and much more. Do you know what you are doing next week, next month, in six months, in a year?

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The problem is without a plan, there's no strategy behind your marketing. It's just completely random. Probably like most dog business owners you dabble in social media, perhaps occasionally give Google Adwords a whirl or possibly you have been known to take out an expensive ad in a magazine, but do you really know which method if any ever result in a stream of new customers?

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