Direct Response Marketing is the ultimate marketing strategy for dog business owners.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Principally, the purpose of direct response marketing is to encourage your target audience (the people most likely to buy your product or service) to take an immediate, specific action. This is achieved by offering your prospects a ‘lead magnet’ this is normally a free, desirable resource (in exchange for their email address) that they just can’t resist, much like offering a dog a tasty dog treat, they ain’t gonna want to say no, instead they will snatch your hand off!


Why offer a ‘Lead Magnet?

The sole intention of lead magnets is to capture email addresses, as this provides you with the perfect opportunity to follow-up their initial ‘interest’ with a sequence of informative, non salesy, useful and supportive emails, aimed at gently nurturing them to the point of making a purchase.

Lead Magnets come in all different formats, for instance: An E-Book, A Webinar, Product Sample, A Service Trial, Training Video or any other be free gift that your prospect would find highly beneficial.


How do you promote your ‘Lead Magnet?

Once your Lead Magnet has been created it needs to be promoted to your target audience so they can input their email address and proceed to accepting your free offering. Full details on promoting your Lead Magnet can be found on our website –  Click Here – For information on promoting your Lead Magnet via a Landing Page.

Here are 6 - Mind Blowing reasons why you should be using Direct Response Marketing in your Dog Business.

1. Lead Generation – But not just any leads. High-value leads. People who just need a little personalisation and reassurance they are making the right decision and wham; they will respond to your ‘Call to Action’. Result – You fill your database with people who are interested in your business.

2. Get Immediate Action – Build in a sense of urgency in to your offer by making it available for a limited- time only. This coupled with a highly compelling message and hey presto prospects will throw caution to the wind and take immediate action.
Result – A faster response rate and NO sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

3. Cost-Savings. Because your marketing campaign is targeted, your upfront advertising costs are cheaper as you are no longer trying to reach such a broad audience. You are not a generalist but now a specialist within your dog profession…. Which is the much better place to be.
Result – You’re not wasting money by spending your budget on unqualified leads.

4. It is Trackable. Another fab reason to use this method of highly successful marketing is because yes Direct Response Marketing is trackable. You can see exactly how many impressions your content received and how many responded.
Result – You can gauge your response rate, and if required to you can tweak your digital ad.

5. It Opens a Direct Line of Conversation with High-Priority Leads. Every single one of those people who opt-in due to your direct response advert is now a warm lead. Your goal is to now deliver value, build a relationship and move them along your sales funnel until they are ready to buy.
Result – You now have the ability to nurture prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

6. It Delivers Measurable Results. You can view just how much you invested into your campaign, how many leads you received, which channels performed well and how many people converted. Not all marketing methods can offer this same insight.
Result – You can calculate your profits in hard cash, money in the bank.

Pawsome Designs can create a 'Lead Magnet' and design you a 'Landing Page' advert that will attract prospects to your dog business. Also if required we can perform the task of accumulating a high level customer database and administrating the follow up emails, emails that aim to nurture prospects into buying leads and finally achieving the goal of happy loyal customers.

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When it comes to marketing for your dog business, consider it as an investment that will help drive the growth of your business. With digital marketing, it’s now much easier to track and measure your ROI.