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So, what is Direct Response Marketing? I here you ask...

Direct response marketing is where businesses encourage their target audience (the people most likely to buy their product or service) to take an immediate, specific action. This is achieved by offering your prospects a ‘lead magnet’ which is a free resource they just can’t resist, much like offering a dog a tasty dog treat, they ain’t gonna want to say no! The sole intention of these lead magnets is to capture email addresses, as this provides you with the perfect opportunity to follow-up their ‘interest’ with a sequence of informative, useful and supportive emails, aimed at gently nurturing them to the point of making a purchase. The purpose of this whole process is to convince prospects that your dog business offers them the perfect solution to their precise needs. You solve the problems that keep them awake at night!

Look at all those tempting freebies!

Lead Magnets come in many formats, for example:

How We Promote your Lead Magnet To Your Target Market

Once your Lead Magnet has been defined it needs to be promoted to your target audience so they can input their email address and proceed to download your free offering. To achieve this goal Pawsome Designs will create you a ‘Landing Page’ that includes a clear CTA button that directly clicks through to your lead magnet. This web page developed using your corporate branding sits neatly within your website but is designed on a more personal, intimate level so as to stir the emotions of your prospects.


To attract attention we will create a compelling message that is – On point, appealing and eye-catching. Additionally to entice a high click through rate all supportive evidence will focus on the benefits that distinguish your offering from any of your competitors and also highlights the added-value along with any innovative features. Using these strategies we speak directly to and be of service to your target audience. The ultimate result is for readers to be instantly stimulated into responding to your chosen ‘Call to Action’.


It may be very tempting for you to ask us to dive right in and try to sell, sell, sell but we highly suggest that the intention at this early ‘getting to know you’ stage is to generate your dog business ‘interested leads’ for future follow-up. This is a much softer method of marketing so will dramatically lower resistance and help to build that all important high-level targeted database from which you can start and continue a nurturing conversation. 

Lead capture is about properly handling interest and building your future sales pipeline.

Grow your dog business with email marketing

Of course dependent on the product/service and price bracket some readers even at this early stage may be ready to buy (consider this a bonus), but statistics show that a high percentage of people will not want to part so quickly with their hard earned cash. They ultimately need a little more persuasion and gentle nurturing, this is your cue to promote yourself using informative, friendly (non salesy) email sequences. Then, once they are ready to make a purchase, they won’t feel the need to shop around as you have already convinced them to spend their money with you, a company they now know, like and trust to provide them with the product or service they desire. Once the price is no longer the deciding factor, but instead your specialism you can feel confident that you have secured yourself a loyal customer. When you reach this stage in a business relationship, you should Congratulate Yourself! All the hardwork has paid off, your goal has been reached and you should feel very happy with yourself.


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With Direct Response Marketing we can process the complete marketing campaign for you from start to finish, including segmenting responses to generate the most effective email flow or just action the stages you need us to. Just let us know how hands on you would like us to be.

Donna, Pawsome Designs.

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