Implementing a SSL Security Certificate on your Dog Business Website is a MUST!!

Secure your Business and Protect your Customers

What is a SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is the digital key that forms a secure connection between a website and its visitor’s browser. It validates the website’s identity and encrypts communication through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring that data remains secure both in transit and at rest.


Why you need to Secure your Dog Business Website with a SSL Certificate.

To maintain customer trust in your business and to protect it from potential cyber threats, it is essential that you secure your dog business website. The easiest and most effective method of doing this is to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website. You may have noticed the recent change from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’? This little ‘s’ is a seemingly small addition, but its impact is huge! As it visibly shows customers that you have attached a SSL Certificate to your domain name, such as: This along with the padlock icon that the SSL activates gives your online visitors the assurance they need that their connection with your website is secure. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate’s primary job is to protect sensitive user information, encrypt data transmissions, and provide a secure, private environment for your customers to access and use the services on your website.


It also demonstrates to your website visitors that security is a top priority for you and that you are genuinely committed to protecting their information.


It may surprise you to know that it is not just ecommerce websites that request secure payments that need this additional security, but any web page that asks for personal information, such as contact forms, lead magnets, booking forms etc. These too must also be secure.

SSL Security for your Dog Business

When your website does not offer https, customers may take their business to a competitor’s secure website instead. Therefore, prioritising security updates is paramount for creating and maintaining customer loyalty. Investing in your dog businesses online security will ensure it has a healthy long-term future.


How easy is it for hackers to steal shared data.

Hackers often rely on undetectable listening tools to steal data. These programs can be placed on an unsecure website, remaining inactive while waiting for unsuspecting customers to input confidential information. However, once the program detects activity, it will capture the entered data and send it back to the hacker! This is a very scary prospect! But, with a SSL Certificate installed and linked to your website, it will quickly authenticate the domain name and secure the connection, thus protecting all transmitted data. This then allows customers to safely browse and enter any requested information with complete assurance.


How a SSL Certificate improves your Google Rankings.

Installing SSL protection to your dog business website not only makes your customers feel more secure, it can also help boost visibility on search engines and enhance the credibility of your business. Google and other search engines use SSL Certificates to ensure they are providing their users with the most secure and trustworthy websites. Installing a SSL Certificate to your website can boost the ranking of your dog business website, allowing you to reap the benefits of being more visible online. That’s what we call a win-win!


Need more convincing? Here are:


Three more compelling reasons why you should implement SSL Security on your Dog Business Website.

  1. A compromised website would seriously damage your business’s reputation.

  2. Websites on Google’s “naughty list” (no SSL Certificate) could loose their ranking position and experience a loss of revenue.

  3. Websites that are not https:// will display the message, “Not Secure” and “This site may harm your computer.”

Hopefully this has convinced you just how important it is to have a SSL Certificate.

this leads us to

How to get your Dog Business SSL certified?

This part (for you) is easy as we can do it for you!

You only need to complete the short request form below ↓


We can protect your website, your customers’ data and potentially boost your Google ranking by installing on your website a FREE SSL Certificate. This certificate covers your primary domain and any subdomains.


To qualify for a FREE SSL Certificate you will need to:


  • Have your dog business website designed and hosted by Pawsome Designs.
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    or if you already have a website

  • Request we transfer your domain and website hosting to Pawsome Designs.
    This offer only applies to WordPress websites.

    Hosting charges will apply but we have an all inclusive hosting package called ‘Pawsome HostCare’ which is a monthly set fee subscription plan that takes care of hosting, website updates, domain name and SSL Certificate renewals and all the behind the scenes technical bits for you, including initially transferring the domain name and website. Plus Our dedicated hosting servers are superfast and highly reliable.

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