Calling all Dog Walkers.....

Are you looking to attract more local dog-walking clients for your business? and...

Want to know how to convince potential clients to choose you!

The answer lies in effective, targeted marketing.

With more households having both partners working full-time, there is an increasing need for professional dog walkers. As a pet entrepreneur in this popular and growing industry, amongst a considerable amount of competition, it is important to establish and convey to potential clients why your dog walking business is the best fit for their pooch. To achieve this, you ideally need to find a unique solution that makes your dog-walking business stand out from the others in your area. Then, by proactively promoting yourself and emphasising the advantages and distinctiveness of your service, you can reach and engage your ideal target audience, build brand loyalty and ultimately grow your business.


Here are 10 Pawsome Marketing Tips for Dog Walkers


1. Get a professional website, and company branding.

A professional business website with excellent on-point branding is a surefire way to showcase the quality of your dog-walking services and to build trust with customers.
Your website (at the very least) needs to include:

  • Full details of your Dog Walking Services.

  • The localities and postcodes where you walk dogs.

  • Pricing information.

  • An “About Us” page with:

    • Details about yourself; your dog-walking story and relevant experience, a list of dog walking or related qualifications, proof of dog first aid certificate, insurances and DBS check.

  • A reason why clients should choose your business, highlighting your uniqueness and values.
  • Testimonials and/or reviews from satisfied clients.
  • Full contact details along with a simple Contact Form.

2. Get listed on Google Business and Yelp.

Two excellent places to advertise your local dog walking business, is on Google Business and Yelp, so go ahead and create free profiles on both of these platforms. Make sure to provide as much information as possible, including images, details about the services you offer, and keep them regularly updated with new content. By doing so, you will boost your profile visibility and attract more local customers. Additionally, after using your services ask clients if they will leave reviews on these platforms. A praising message from an existing client goes a long way to securing your next customer.


3. Connect with dog enthusiasts on Facebook groups.

Many pet owners join Facebook groups so they can ask for help in finding dog-related services and to share and receive advice from other dog owners in their community. Therefore, as an owner of a dog-walking business it is a great way to discover new pet owners and to also ascertain which breed/s of dog are most popular in your local area. Niching your business to working with a particular popular breed is a great specialty for any dog business. Niching has lots of benefits, however, it is a whole new topic in itself, so I won’t delve in to it here, but if you are interested in finding out more, do read our blog niche your dog business. (after you’ve read this blog, of course).

Back to Facebook groups – Why not join some relevant Facebook groups and use your skills to help others? By answering questions and generally establishing yourself as an expert within the groups. This way, when any of these pet owners need a dog-walker they are more likely to come to you, someone they know and now trust. However, be careful not to overly self-promote, as this may go against the agreed group rules.


4. Make human and furry friends at dog meetup groups

You don’t need to just stick to on-screen interactions; In fact it is nice to get out in the fresh air and meet people, so why not join some local meetup groups for dog owners in your area. These friendly outdoor group pursuits will expand your network and help you to make meaningful, real-world connections. Furthermore, as mentioned previously people do tend to buy from and work with people they know, so by taking part in these groups, you will not only create lasting personal friendships but hopefully happy working relationships too. That’s what you call a winning combination.


Marketing Tips for Dog Walkers


5. Interact with dog owners on all relevant social media.

Take advantage of the fact that content about dogs is always highly desirable and successful on social media. With clients permission, show the popularity of your services and the fun dogs have in your care, by creating shareable, memorable content that people will love to see and watch, such as funny and heartwarming videos, cute photos, and short, fun stories all taken while out on your walks. This will help to build trust in you and your business and show your viewers how you interact with and take care of the dogs in your care.


6. Spread your message with flyers & business cards.

You can easily spread the word about your business and create more visibility by having flyers and business cards designed and printed, and then distributing them around your local town. Many local grocery stores and supermarkets have bulletin boards that will allow you to display business cards. You can also ask places like cafes, libraries, pet shops, in fact all local shops if you can place a leaflet in their window. For very little cost, you can very easily let local people know about your dog walking business and the services you offer. A more targeted method is to ask your clients, neighbours, friends, and relatives who work in an office, school, warehouse etc., if they wouldn’t mind hanging your flyer in their staff or breakroom where it will be in full view of full-time staff. If they are at work, who is walking their dog?


7. Look around for dog-friendly events near you.

There are lots of events tailored specifically for furry companions and their owners. From Dog Festivals to Pop-Up Café days, so be sure to check out local event listings online and mark any dog-oriented activities in your calendar. Attending events, such as farmers’ markets, is also an excellent way to meet potential clients for your dog walking business. Take lots of flyers and business cards with you (hopefully you followed advice number 6) to hand out. Make sure your website address is on your printed marketing as this will make it easy for customers to find out more about you and your prices etc., (that is if you took advice number 1 on board as well). When choosing events to attend, make sure they are targeted and the clientele are dog-friendly to keep them relevant.


8. Collaborate with complementary pet care companies.

Connect with fellow local pet entrepreneurs and see how you can help out each other. This is a rewarding and nice mutually beneficial method of advertising!


Reach out to:

  • Dog groomers

  • Veterinary practices

  • Dog trainers

  • Pet photographers

  • Dog rescue groups and charities

  • Dog friendly cafes

  • Pet food and supply stores

As applicable, ask if you can put up a flyer, drop off business cards for customers to pick up, or be listed in their website’s resources section. As an added bonus, you could offer exclusive referral discounts on first walks to reinforce the partnership. Of course, you have to return the favour by distributing leaflets and/or business cards for any dog business that agrees to participate to your clients and if possible add their dog business to your website.


9. Treat clients to gifts featuring your brand logo?

As a professional dog walker, wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise customers with unique gifts they can use while out with their dog, such as at training classes, in the park at weekends or at a dog-friendly cafe? Think beyond the typical notepad with your logo on it; boring, yawn! Instead, provide them with items such as personalised poop bag dispensers, bandannas, frisbees, dog clothing or balls – all proudly printed with your brand’s logo. It’s nice to show your appreciation by gifting something they will be proud to use when out with their beloved dog; but it’s also an excellent advertising opportunity to let others know about your dog walking business at the same time. As an add on to this, wear branded clothing yourself when out on your dog walks! Wear it even when at the supermarket doing the weekly shop… You never know where your next client will come from.


Marketing Tip for Dog Walkers_Dog Gifts


10. Give it your best and results speak for themselves.

Last but not least, as a professional dog walker, keep up the good work! By providing an exceptional service; it will do wonders for your marketing. Your clients’ trust in you is invaluable. Word of mouth referrals from existing happy clients can quickly spread and bring more customers your way. Also, don’t be afraid to ask these loyal clients to give you Facebook and Google reviews, and provide testimonials for your dog walking business website. Many dog business owners don’t like to ask, but happy clients are usually more than willing to oblige, so do politely ask people; everyone will be glad you did.


To sum it all up, here’s what we have discussed today!

To ensure success, implement (not just read) these easy 10 marketing tips to your dog walking business:


  1. Get yourself a professional business website, logo and branding.

  2. Get listed on Google Business and Yelp.

  3. Join local Facebook groups.

  4. Join dog meetup groups.

  5. Get generally more social.

  6. Have flyers and business cards designed and printed.

  7. Attend dog-friendly events.

  8. Partner up with other pet care businesses.

  9. Give existing clients personalised gifts for their pups.

  10. Keep doing an amazing job.

Take these marketing and advertising ideas on board and you will be… Pawsome!

Pawsome Designs Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing for your dog business, consider it as an investment that will help drive the growth of your business. With digital marketing, it’s now much easier to track and measure your ROI.